22 June 2019



Selwyn May Ball returns on Saturday 22nd June, 2019.

Ticket applications are now open to all members of the University of Cambridge, including staff and alumni. You may apply for tickets for yourself and up to nine guests.

Tickets are priced at £156 per person.

Once payment has been received, guests are able to change the names on tickets free of charge until early April.

All applications for tickets are subject to the terms and conditions.


We're really happy to work with What's A Pound this year and we're donating £1 of every ticket to SolidariTee! There's also the option to donate an additional £4 with your order.

Have a look at their website, Facebook at SolidariTee National, Twitter @solidariteeuk and Instagram @teesofsolidarity to check out their amazing work and donate or buy their infamous merchandise.